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Unnoticeable Tooth-Colored Fillings

Our excellent dentists and specialized staff at Doncaster Dental Studio combine tooth repair with state of the art tooth-coloured fillings. Our professional-grade treatments leave you with a restoration that leaves your teeth as good as new, both structurally and cosmetically. Our Thornhill dental team loves to make teeth look as great as they are healthy, and we pride ourselves on providing our patients with teeth restorations that look as natural as possible.

  • What are tooth-coloured fillings?

    Tooth restorations, and specifically tooth-coloured fillings, are aimed to restore function, form, and integrity to a tooth that has been damaged by cavities or trauma. There are two distinct categories of restoration:

    1. Direct restoration
    2. Indirect restoration

    Direct restoration involves using a soft, malleable filling that our professional Thornhill dentists place in the tooth. After the filling is in the tooth, it conforms to fit that particular area's cosmetic and functional requirements and therefore restores the tooth. Typically, direct restorations need only one session at the dentist. During this process, the dentist prepares the tooth, performs the filling procedure, and the soft filling hardens to complete the restoration.

    Indirect restoration involves taking dental impressions of the tooth and restoring it through externally prepared materials. Examples of indirect restoration include crowns and bridges or porcelain veneers.

  • How do I prepare for tooth-coloured fillings?

    There is no specific need for you to prepare for a restoration treatment. For restoration, there are two parts to the process:

    1. Preparing the tooth for restorative material
      • Our Thornhill dentist will prepare the target tooth or teeth, which usually involves cutting the tooth to remove dental decay or areas of structural weakness.
    2. Placing the restorative material onto the tooth
      • For a direct restoration: The dentist applies the restorative material directly to the prepared tooth and lets it harden to complete the restoration process.
      • For an indirect restoration, the dentist sends an impression of the prepared tooth to a dental technician to design the restoration material. On a second visit, the dentist applies the custom-fabricated restoration onto the prepared tooth, usually with dental cement for permanent bonding.

When it comes to direct restoration, Doncaster Dental Studio offers many different tooth-coloured filling options to choose from.

  • Composite Filling

    One option is composite bonding with white fillings for a beautiful and cosmetic white tooth restoration. Sometimes referred to as plastic or white fillings, this restoration material may not be the ideal choice for molar teeth since we bite down hard on those.

    1. Advantages
      • Same colour as natural teeth.
      • Cheaper than gold restorations.
      • Done in one appointment.
    2. Disadvantages
      • Breaks more easily than amalgam or gold and may not last as long.
      • Costs more than amalgam fillings.
      • Recurring decay is more frequent with these fillings.

    Please speak with one of our experienced Thornhill dentists to see what's suitable for you.

  • Glass Ionomer Materials

    This type of filling is best suited for teeth on which we do not bite down hard. Although this material's lifetime is not well defined, the newer glass ionomers likely last longer and are more robust. Insight into the effectiveness of this material is currently under research.

    1. Advantages
      • Same colour as natural teeth.
      • They contain fluoride, which is a healthy mineral for teeth.
      • Simpler to apply than composite fillings.
      • Cheaper than gold restorations.
      • Done in one appointment.
    2. Disadvantages
      • They may not last as long as other fillings and are not as strong.
      • Costs more than amalgam fillings.
  • Porcelain Materials

    Porcelain is the most common type of dental ceramic used for restoration procedures. Due to its hard and brittle characteristics and its ability to be combined with a metal, porcelain can make a strong foundation for tooth restoration.

    1. Advantages
      • Same colour as natural teeth.
      • Last a very long time.
    2. Disadvantages
      • For teeth on which we bite down hard, porcelain fillings may break.
      • More than one appointment is required.
      • More expensive than most other filling types.

    Book an appointment with our world-class dental health staff to discuss the best restoration method for your needs. At Doncaster Dental Studio, the restoration of your perfectly natural and healthy smile awaits!

Filling Options
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