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Regular Dental Hyigene Visits

Frequent dental hygiene sessions are the most effective way of taking care of a bright and shiny smile. The trained dental hygienists at our Thornhill dental office are able to detect the initial levels of gum disease with the implementation of preventive treatment planning and examinations. Throughout a typical session, hygienists scale the teeth and clear off any plaque and/ or tartar on the teeth and under the gums, then finish with polishing to take away any debris.

Dental Hyigene

Gingivitis - the result of poor dental hyigene

Gingivitis, the swelling of the gums, happens when tartar or plaque build-up on the teeth and below the gums. The gums become inflamed, red, and may bleed quite easily. However, this is reversible with adequate oral practices at home, coupled with regular hygiene appointments. Without proper treatment or if not taken care of, gingivitis will progress to periodontitis which is a much more severe type of periodontal disease.

  • Periodontitis: Progressive Bone Loss

    Periodontitis consists of progressive bone loss around the tooth or teeth. If left untreated, it may cause the teeth to become loose and eventually fall out. Periodontitis is brought on by the gums moving away from the teeth and the development of gaps (pockets) that become infected.

    The body's defence system fights the germs while the oral plaque advances and expands below the gum line, but the natural result is the deterioration of bone together with connective tissues. Periodontitis is detected by examining the gums with a probe and also by reviewing the patient's x-rays to determine the degree of bone damage around the teeth.

  • How can you prevent periodontal diseases?

    • Brushing your teeth twice or three times daily with a fluoride toothpaste.
    • Flossing routinely to remove plaque from between the teeth.
    • Visiting the dentist or dental hygienist on a regular basis.
    • Refrain from cigarette smoking
  • Professional Dental Hygiene Services at Thornhill's Doncaster Dental Studio

    At Doncaster Dental Studio, we have provided a professional and friendly environment for you. Our dental hygienists will meet you, listen to all of your concerns and assess your current oral health. Our professional dental hygienists will develop a personalized treatment and preventative plan for you. Call us and book your dental hygiene appointment today.

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I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Shawn and his well organized office team. Dr. Shawn does an incredible job of explaining what he is doing while working on your teeth. His demeanour helped me to relax and feel comfortable knowing he was using his exceptional expertise to repair my old teeth, which were previously filled by former dentists.
Doncaster is the best dental clinic that I ever been to. Shawn is an amazing dentist, I am his patient for more than 4 years and I never want to change. Also, all the staff is awesome! They really care about you. I recommend to everyone Doncaster clinic.
Dr. Shawn was able to diagnose and explain all necessary treatments quickly, procedure was done right away at very reasonable cost. Overall the clinic is amazingly clean and staffs are welcoming, very convenient location with plenty of parking spaces too.
Dr. Groyeski is a fantastic dentist and dental surgeon; he cares about the quality of the job, and he only touches your tooth if necessary. Fair price, New equipment, peaceful environment and easy underground parking make the experience delightful.
The entire dental team at Doncaster Dental Studio is friendly, professional, and very efficient. The receptionists are always very welcoming and happy to help. The dental hygienists and assistants are kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable.
The dental studio is clean and very comfortable. I don't like going to the dentist but when I do, this place is the one. I feel at ease and I highly recommend them!

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