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Worried about your smile and tooth decay?
Try dental polishing and scaling!

Tooth Polishing and Scaling

Tooth polishing is a dental procedure that leaves you with glossy-clean tooth enamel. Typically, our team at Doncaster Dental Studio performs tooth polishing in a routine cleaning appointment. However, it gets better! When combined with dental scaling, this procedure not only polishes your smile aesthetically but also refreshes your breath and helps avoid tooth decay.

A typical tooth cleaning routine at our Thornhill dental office involves a few key steps:

  1. Inspection: We inspect your teeth for decay and weaknesses in the enamel.
  2. Scaling: Our Thornhill dental team removes and scrapes plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth.
  3. Polishing: We buff and polish your teeth to remove staining.
  4. Fluoride: We thoroughly floss your teeth and top them with a protective layer of fluoride.
Read about each of the services:

Tooth Scaling

Scaling is the process of scraping away layers of plaque and tartar buildup that can accumulate on teeth over time. Even with regular oral care and maintenance, some of the buildup is not removable through everyday brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. For this reason, our Thornhill dental team uses specialized tools that don't damage enamel, are more effective at removing plaque, and provide a more comfortable experience.

There are many benefits of tooth scaling, including:

  • Removes Bad Breath

    Did you know that tartar buildup is often the most common cause of bad breath? Scaling removes this tartar and leaves your breath smelling fresh.

  • Saves you money

    Coming in for regular cleanings will save you money over the long run because they will help prevent cavities and the inflections, fillings and/or root canal treatments that can follow.

If you are due to a hygiene appointment soon, don't hesitate to contact your local Thornhill dental office today for quality and efficient scaling services!

Tooth Polishing

  • What are the benefits of tooth polishing?

    Although regular tooth polishing alone does not prevent gum disease, having your teeth polished and scaled can significantly decrease plaque buildup on your teeth. Having less plaque will better preserve tooth enamel (which is impossible to restore once it is gone). Also, tooth polishing removes bacteria from the surface of your teeth and leaves a smooth finish which makes it difficult for bacteria to stick onto your teeth in the future.

  • How can you prepare for tooth polishing appointment?

    Tooth polishing is generally considered a safe procedure for all and does not require any special preparations. It is important to note that polishing alone does not prevent tooth decay unless it is combined with a cleaning routine that includes scaling and flossing at the dentist's office.

    If a patient has severe erosion or wear on their teeth, polishing may be limited. Furthermore, for patients with highly sensitive teeth, cup polishing may be recommended as it is more gentle.

    To keep your teeth clean and their glossy best, a routine involving polishing and scaling is recommended every 6 months. For those with a faster accumulation of plaque buildup, or with periodontal issues, polishing may be recommended up to every 2 months.

  • What are the types of polish treatments?

    There are two main types of polishing treatments: one is using a polishing paste, and the other is called air polishing.

    • Polishing pastes come in various grits (roughness) depending on how stained a patient's teeth are. For example, finer pastes are less damaging to enamel but are less effective at removing stains.
    • Air polishing uses a jet made of air, water, and an abrasive agent to remove stains and can be just as effective as polishing paste.

To find out more about how tooth polishing can help you maintain your oral health, contact our Thornhill dental office today!

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Fluoride Therapy

Fluoride Therapy
  • Fluoride and Dental Health

    Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used as an essential part of oral health treatment for decades. Fluoride supports healthy teeth by strengthening the enamel to better protect the teeth from harmful bacteria (tooth enamel is the outer protective layer of each tooth).

    Fluoride is especially important if you're at high risk for developing cavities. Cavities occur when bacteria build up on the teeth and gums and form a sticky layer of plaque. Plaque produces an acid that erodes teeth and gum tissue. If the plaque breaks through the protective enamel layer, bacteria can infect and harm the nerves and blood at the core of the tooth.

  • What happens during a professional fluoride treatment?

    Our skilled Thornhill dentists provide professional fluoride treatments using a highly concentrated rinse, foam, gel, or varnish.

    If a patient has severe erosion or wear on their teeth, polishing may be limited. Furthermore, for patients with highly sensitive teeth, cup polishing may be recommended as it is more gentle.

    These treatments deliver fluoride at a concentration that exceeds that in water and toothpaste, making it a much stronger treatment than anything at home. Fluoride treatments only take a few minutes to apply, and you may be asked to avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes until the fluoride is fully absorbed.

  • What are the methods of getting fluoride?

    You can receive fluoride in two ways:

    1. Topically from toothpaste and fluoride therapy treatments from your dentist
    2. Systematically from water and dietary supplements

    It's best to get fluoride both topically and systemically.

    It is recommended that you have fluoride treatments every 3, 6, or 12 months, depending on your oral health. If you're at high risk for cavities, a fluoride rinse or gel may be prescribed to you for regular use at home.

    The following can increase your risk of cavities:

    • excessive drug or alcohol use
    • eating disorder
    • poor oral hygiene
    • lack of professional dental care
    • poor diet
    • dry mouth, or decreased saliva
    • weak enamel

    Common sources of dietary fluoride include:

    • tea
    • water
    • food cooked in water
    • fish eaten with their bones
    • infant formula

    At Doncaster Dental Studio, our specialized staff is ready to bring your oral health to its absolute best! Book an appointment for our dental cleaning treatments and experience the refreshing feeling of running your tongue along a glossy-clean, smooth set of teeth!

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