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Root Canal Treatment

Get rid of pain and discomfort from root canal infections at our Thornhill dental office!


The word “root canal” is usually a reminder of pain and discomfort feelings for many people who have undergone the process in the past. The main target of maintaining oral health is to preserve all teeth in a vital condition, but this is not always possible. There may be cases when parts of the tooth need to be removed, which is the case in a root canal treatment.

A root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp (the soft tissue inside the tooth) becomes inflamed or infected, often causing severe pain and discomfort. This type of problem is usually caused by deep decay, repeated dental treatment on the tooth, a crack/chip, or an injury sustained to the tooth.

In many cases, patients do not maintain their regular dental visits and expose themselves to decay that passes their tooth enamel and reaches the pulp. The tooth pulp is the live part of the tooth that is much softer than the enamel or dentin and can NOT tolerate any infection even if it’s very minor.

In most cases, the tooth can be saved with the treatment of the nerve by removing the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleaning and shaping the inside of the root canal, filling the tooth and finally, sealing the space. Once the root canal is deemed successful by one of our Thornhill dentists, a restoration and crown are placed on the tooth to protect and restore it to its full function.

In some cases, if the canals are difficult to access, a referral to an endodontist (root canal specialist) may be required. Advanced technology has enabled root canal therapy to be performed with a higher success rate and lower time consumption.

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