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Bring your little ones to our Thornhill dental office for a stress-free experience!


Being experienced in pediatric dentistry, Doncaster Dental Studio welcomes you and your child to our Thornhill dental clinic. Our office provides a broad range of dental care for children, adolescents, and special needs patients.

As a dental practitioner with a long history of practical knowledge in pediatric dentistry and dentistry for patients with special needs, Dr. Groyeski is well-experienced in the oral health of kids from early life to their teenage years.

Regular Checkups & Growth Monitoring Dentition

Let’s start with the commonly asked question, “How old should a child be to go to the dentist?” Well, it’s best to have the first dental visit as soon as the teeth begin to show. Ideally, children have their first dental appointment before their second birthday.

Suppose we postpone a child’s first dental visit to a later age. In that case, it makes them vulnerable to cavities and other problems, which will set their dental health to a bad start. We don’t want that.

At Doncaster Dental Studio, our friendly pediatric dentists take pride in establishing good oral health at a young age and setting the teeth and gums up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. We encourage you to engage with a pediatric dentist regularly, especially for monitoring the growth of the teeth of your child, to best prevent dental problems or address orthodontic needs.

Restoration (Baby & Permanent Teeth)

Restoration (Baby & Permanent Teeth)

When your child is born, they have 20 baby teeth, also called primary teeth. As they grow older, those teeth gradually shed and are replaced by permanent teeth. Though each child’s primary teeth grow out (erupt) at different times, typically by six months of age is when the first baby teeth become visible. Due to the enamel of baby teeth being thinner than permanent teeth, cavities can progress more quickly; when it comes to child tooth restoration, the sooner the restoration, the easier it is to prevent more severe problems as the child grows.

Protective Caps

One effective method to prevent further decay of primary teeth, while also preventing the spread of cavities to the surrounding teeth, uses protective caps (also known as crowns).

Crowns are an essential part of healthy teeth development for children. They can cover the tooth’s entire surface and are more durable than fillings while lasting until the baby teeth fall out (usually by age 12).

These protective caps can also restore form and function to primary teeth after tooth fractures while maintaining the necessary spacing for the permanent teeth to grow into the right position. Moreover, they aid in the child’s development of a healthy jawbone and muscles.


Dental Sealant

For children, learning to brush their teeth daily is an essential and effective method of maintaining oral health in the long term. However, there exist some secondary protective measures that are even better at reducing the risk of cavities. Dental sealants, a thin protective coating painted (painlessly) on the teeth, are a proven method of protecting both primary and permanent teeth from cavities.

Studies show that dental sealants prevent 80% of cavities for the first two years, and can continue to void off 50% of cavities for up to four years. Moreover, dental sealants can remain on the teeth for as long as nine years. Though routine checkups at the dentist’s office are recommended for maintenance to ensure the sealants do not wear.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions for primary teeth are required either when tooth decay progresses to a point where a root canal cannot save it, when a tooth grows into a crowded area, or when it fractures beyond restoration. Occasionally teeth may need to be removed to fit braces for an orthodontic procedure properly.

At Doncaster Dental Studio, our specially trained dentists are well-skilled in performing gentle extractions. Typically, children who need a visible and accessible tooth extraction only require numbing with a local anesthetic and a gentle extraction with forceps. For more complex cases, nitrous oxide or sedation can be used before the procedure begins. Because every child’s situation is different, a treatment plan for tooth extraction is made by a Thornhill dentist beforehand.

Root Canal Treatments

All primary teeth and permanent teeth are composed of a pulp, which is a tissue that fills the root of the tooth with blood vessels and nerves. In the case of infections or damage due to cavities or physical trauma, a root canal can save the tooth by removing the compromised pulp without extracting the tooth, therefore keeping the tooth in place.

For children, the shedding of primary teeth must occur at the right time; otherwise, complications with chewing or speech may arise. A root canal may save a primary tooth and keep it in place until it is ready to fall at the appropriate time.

Preventive Orthodontics
(Space Maintainer)

Suppose a primary tooth of a child falls prematurely. In that case, it can be detrimental to the jawbone’s healthy development, how they speak, and the healthy growth of their permanent teeth. To prevent such complications from arising because of an early loss of primary teeth, our dedicated orthodontists at Doncaster Dental Studio craft a custom-made space maintainer (typically made of acrylic).

Space maintainers reliably and comfortably preserve the space previously occupied by the primary tooth. Consequently, the permanent tooth will grow into its proper location and shape and help your child avoid many potential problems in the future.

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