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Oral Cancer Screening

Worried about oral cancer? Talk to one of the qualified dentists at our Thornhill dental office.

Early Oral Cancer Detection is The Best Prevention

Cancer screening plays an important role in the early detection of oral cancer; it allows patients to take action early and increase the chance for a cure. Many oral cancers have a high success rate of being treated, especially when diagnosed and treated early. Therefore, early detection of precancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate the potential effects of oral cancer.
Although dentists are known to care for teeth, gums and smiles, their expertise in oral health is key to our overall well-being. As professionals trained in medicine, dentists recognize the relationship between oral and overall health. Through a dental cancer screening, the dentist examines the mouth for any abnormalities that would be indicative of oral cancer.

The term ‘oral cancer’ includes cancerous growths in the cheeks, lips, mouth, throat, sinus, tongue, or anywhere in the oral cavity. Typically, cells inside the mouth are quite resistant to harm. However, with repeated damage from smoking, alcohol or friction, areas inside the mouth may develop sores and pain where oral cancer can start.

Oral cancers are most commonly found on the floor of the mouth, side of the tongue and lips. However, oral cancer refers to all cancers of the oral cavity, and can be found at any of these locations:

  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Teeth
  • Gums
  • Roof of the mouth
  • Floor of the mouth
  • Area behind wisdom teeth
  • Lining inside the lips and cheeks

How Can You Prepare for a Cancer Screening Session?

Oral cancer screening is performed during a routine dental exam. No special preparation is required for the screening.

Most patients underestimate the role their dentists play in their overall health and particularly how important a quick dental screening can be for disease prevention.

At Doncaster Dental Studio, we have a world-class professional staff who can make your smile as healthy as it is beautiful! Call us at (905) 597-1518 to book your appointment.


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