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Dental Trauma: Control and Treatment

Get immediate examination and treatment of tooth and oral injuries at our Thornhill dental office.
Trauma Control & Treatment


You had a bad day; you sustained trauma to your teeth. What should you do to minimize dental trauma? Time and time again, dentists have seen that the most critical first step to trauma control is an immediate examination. General dentists can treat dental injuries since they are trained in endodontics (treating traumatic dental injuries). However, general dentists often refer patients to a dedicated endodontist, highly skilled experts in treating traumatic injuries. A quick visit to an endodontist soon after an injury dramatically increases the chances of saving the injured tooth.

Depending on the injury’s extent, regular checkups to the general dentist and or endodontist can be necessary for up to five years to ensure successful healing and that no root resorption occurs.

How is a tooth injury treated?

Here are four common cases of dental trauma and a summary of how our Thornhill dental team is able to treat them:

traumatic injury treatment


In the event of a traumatic injury to the teeth, please consider the following questions while on the way to the emergency dental clinic:

  1. Are there any central nervous system symptoms after the injury?
  2. Are there any disturbances when biting?
  3. Is the affected tooth sensitive to heat changes, or sweet and sour?
  4. Is the affected tooth sore while eating or getting touched?
  5. Is there spontaneous pain in the injured tooth?

At Doncaster Dental Studio, we are well-equipped to handle all sorts of dental trauma and emergency cases with our experienced dentists and specialized endodontists. We can help save your tooth and plan the appropriate restoration treatment, if necessary, to restore the natural-looking aesthetics and function to your teeth.

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