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Get dental implants that look, feel, and perform just like a natural tooth, right here at our Thornhill dental office!


Dental implants are improving the way most people live. They function as a base for an artificial tooth that appears, feels, and also performs just like a natural tooth. Those who have lost teeth can regain the ability to eat and live their normal life. On the cosmetic aspect, no need to mention the value of confidence that a healthy smile can bring for the patients!

Dental implants have become the most reliable and predictable method of replacing a single, multiple or complete set of teeth. Here at Doncaster Dental Studio, treatment plans are generated based on information gained through dental history, intra-oral examination, radiographs and dental CT scans.

Dental implants are essentially artificial roots made of titanium metal. Some of the benefits of using titanium are: it is good at resisting corrosion, it is easily accepted by the human body, and it can be tightly integrated into the jaw for a stable connection. The root then holds the replacement tooth (which is carefully created to match your natural teeth) in place for that perfect smile! 

Dental implants are a great solution for anyone who needs to replace any number of teeth or doesn’t want to use dentures. Dentures are also used to replace missing teeth, but they can require a lot more maintenance than implants and can be more uncomfortable for some people due to slippage (as they are secured with adhesive rather than inserted into the jaw).

Dental Implats in Thornhill

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